Why I Opened a Teachers Pay Teachers Store

Did you know that I have a Teachers Pay Teachers store? I opened it awhile back after I made a few reading study guides for my daughters. 

I am a homeschooling mom who isn't big on reading curriculum.  I taught my daughters how to read with regular books and a word chart on our kitchen wall.  After they became proficient in reading, I figured we'd give reading curriculum a try to ensure that I wasn't missing anything. I soon found that reading curriculum really wasn't my thing. I knew this about myself because I was the same way when I taught reading to the 4th graders at a local public school. I believe that children should be able to read the literature that they enjoy, and this chosen literature can be used to assess their skills.

Even though we don't use a boxed reading curriculum, I still desire for my daughters to have focused reading along with written comprehension checks.  We have our oral discussions about books that we're reading aloud, but when I look at the big picture I know that they will be expected to write about books that they have read as they continue their academic careers. This is why I started writing guides.  It was important that the guides we use in our homeschool went further than the basic who, what, why questions, and the guide has to take into account not an ideal learner, but a real learner.

The Abby Takes a Stand study is now available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

The Abby Takes a Stand study is now available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

The guides are designed from books of my daughters choosing or ones that I thought they would find interesting. Since my daughters enjoyed them, I figured that other homeschooling families and teachers could use the guides in their learning environments.

About Add On To Learning, My TPT Store

I named my shop Add On To Learning because it isn't about me creating a full curriculum for you or other educators to use with your learners, but it is about providing additional resources to enhance your learning environment.  In the shop, you'll primarily find reading guides.  I love reading children's books, and I have enjoyed helping children, not only my own, become better at comprehending the stories that they are reading.

Selling on teachers pay teachers

If you are in search of a reading guide, drop by my shop, Add On To Learning. New guides are coming each month.  If you have a book that you would like a guide for, shoot me an email at latonya@joyintheordinary.com.

Do you download resources for TPT?  What are your favorite shops?