Q & A with Home School Mom: Amiyrah

I am so excited to share with you this week's home school mom. I started following Amiyrah Martin on Instagram last year.  I had no idea that she wore so many hats when I found her feed, and was simply just intrigued by her family especially their love for Star Wars. Amiyrah is the owner of 4 Hats and Frugal, a website dedicated to teaching families how to have fun on a dime, be a "baller" on a budget, and live a full life on less. Amiyrah is also the creator of Meal Plan Rockstar, an e-course that shares how families can create their own customized meal plans, that reflect the special diets within the home, "selective" eaters with specific tastes, and busy lives they all lead.

How long have you home educated?

I have been home schooling for two years.

What is your favorite part about home schooling?

I love customizing the work that we do, so my kids always have the option to thrive. They don't have to wait on others to finish work in order to move on. They don't have to hurry with a lesson, so they can keep up with others. They learn at their own pace. That's also what keeps me going; the fact that my kids are learning as they see fit, and I get to be the one to help them do so.

Amiyrah and her son

Amiyrah and her son

What are your struggles with being a home schooling parent?

My biggest struggle is the time! If we don't keep up with our routine, and use our time wisely, things can easily get out of control. I also struggle with thinking that I'm "smart" enough to teach my kids. I didn't go to school to teach, so am I really good enough to teach them? It's a silly thought (of course I'm good enough), but it does creep into my head every once in a while.

Amiyrah's words of encouragement to you:

Keep a lookout for the bright eyes of your children. Does your kiddo light up when you do science experiments? Are the over-joyed when they learn they can move to the next level in math? When they learn all of their sight words, do they do a little dance? Those small wins, and bright eyes, mean that you are doing things right. Learning should be exciting, no matter what the subject is. Thrive on that excitement, and you'll have kids that will always shine in your homeschool.

Thank you, Amiyrah, for sharing your highs and lows while encouraging other home educating moms on their journey!