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Where Can the Homeschool Mom Find Encouragement

The task of being a home educating mother can be lonely especially if you do not have a support system.  The desire to stop is real especially when you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Burn out among homeschool moms does happen particularly when we aren't gentle with ourselves, allow ourselves to be vulnerable, or get breaks when needed.  Today I encourage you to seek out encouragement in a way that speaks to you whether it's reading a blog, making a friend with one of the moms you've met at a co-op or library, or finding the right forum for you. 

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Q & A with Home School Mom: Darcel

Darcel is the awesome mom behind The Mahogany Way.  It was through her site that I was able to get my first look at unschooling.  Her candid photos and voice showed a side of unschooling that was much different than what I gathered from parents who didn't take this approach. 

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