Our Five Favorite Apps for Android and Kindle

Nowadays, technology is everywhere so it isn't surprising that we have some favorites that keep us occupied and engaged during our down times.

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1. The Bible App for Kids:

Our youngest daughter loves this app.  She is thrilled each time they add a new story.  The Bible App for Kids currently has 41 stories available including Jesus' Resurrection, The Sermon on the Mount, and The parting of the Red Sea.  The app reads the story to the child while displaying appealing graphics. The app also references the verse where each story can be found.

We use this app on Kindle Fire and Android devices. I believe it is available on most platforms. This app is free.

2. Reading Rainbow:

This is a favorite for both.  The Reading Rainbow app hosts so many great stories.  It includes fiction and nonfiction.  The app will also read the stories to the child. Not only does this app provide a variety books, it also offers numerous virtual field trips.

Reading Rainbow is only available on Kindle Fire and Apple Store. Reading Rainbow has a free version and a subscription version.

3. Oyster Books: We found Oyster books in 2014.  Oyster is an app that hosts several types of books including adult and children books so it makes it a great app for the entire family. One thing that I truly appreciate about this app is that a lot of the books are well-known including classics and new releases. The great thing about the Oyster app is that we are able to have it on all of our devices which makes it accessible for everyone to read the book of their choosing.  We have this app on Kindle and Android devices. Oyster is a subscription based app. You can try it for free.

4. Audible : I adore Audible. It has truly blessed our homeschool. Our current library doesn't carry as many books on disc as our previous nor do we have access to all of the libraries in the state like we used to, but having an Audible has allowed us to enjoy books that weren't carried in our library. I know that I could purchase a book to read, but to be honest I enjoy listening along with the girls just as much as I enjoy reading aloud to them.

5. Wordament:  This is a game that my oldest daughter enjoys playing almost daily.  Wordament is all about finding as many words as possible within two or so minutes.  She often would share with us that some words weren't real in the list.  This open the door to a little dictionary work.  Now instead of telling us that words aren't real, she is required to look them up.  Wordament is an engaging game and can be used to help expand vocabulary.

This post was update to include two additional apps on January 19, 2016.

As you can see we are big readers!  I am in search for other types of apps, too. Please share some of your favorites!

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