Cranberry Christmas

I wouldn't have thought to do a study about cranberries, but I was recently given the opportunity to review Cranberry Christmasfor the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  It seemed to be a perfect study with Thanksgiving around the corner.  The fact that cranberry sauce is one of my Thanksgiving favorites may have also played a small role.

Cranberry Christmas is an ebook available through The Old Schoolhouse.  The book is compilation of all things cranberry.  One of the best parts of this book was the fictional stories.  One story we enjoyed was

Cranberries at Christmas which gently reminded us to be grateful, and that God is always with us. Not only does this ebook provide wholesome stories, but it also shares an abundance of factual information on the cranberry.  We learned quite a few new things about this little berry. I had no idea that Wisconsin was the largest producer of cranberries in the United States.  The crossword puzzle was an added bonus.  It was a perfect review for all the new information that we learned about cranberries.  There were also recipes including one for cranberry sauce, poems, and links to activities that center around one of North America's native berries, the cranberry.

I found that this study was perfect for our relaxed style of learning.  It was nice to cuddle with the girls as we read the stories.  The writing style of the ebook made it enjoyable, and did not make feel pressure to do every single activity within it.  It gave me the comfort of knowing that I could pull any of these activities in future years to enjoy with my daughters as the holiday season approaches. I am looking forward to making cranberry dye! I would say this book definitely made feel more in the holiday spirit.

Another component of this ebook that I found helpful was the internet links to cranberry inspired activities. The links provided me with more ideas to incorporate hands on activities to the study, but I was disappointed to find that some of the links did not go directly to the activity.  I will say that searching for the activities on some of the sites was not necessarily a bad thing because I was able to find projects that would fit perfectly for my family at this present time.  

Most of the activities that we completed were edible!

We baked Cranberry Pecan Chocolate Chip muffins.  My husband said that the cranberries were a nice little surprise.

 We also made marshmallow snowmen with Craisins for earmuffs!

Overall, my daughters and I enjoyed Cranberry Christmas.  It was a nice change to our homeschool, and we all learned something new.  It provided us with a new topic to study with little legwork on my part.

If you are looking for a memorable unit study during this holiday season, Cranberry Christmas may be for you. It isn’t overwhelming which is nice as we head into the holidays.  It was inspiring for me.  I found myself looking for more cranberry related activities and books after reading this ebook. You can learn more about Cranberry Christmas here.