What We're Reading : Justice pon di Road by Aliona Gibson

The girls and I have made it a point to read more picture books lately.  The latest book we've read is Justice Pon Di Road.  The story takes place in Jamaica and tells the story of a little boy, Justice.  Justice takes us on his journey through Jamaica while he visits the island with his mom.  The story gives insight to the Jamaican culture including popular foods and common sayings.

book cover

Last night, I reread the story to our youngest, and she shared that she really enjoyed Justice's story.  Since the story used Jamaican dialect throughout, she shared her thoughts on what certain phrases meant. It was great that the author provided a glossary and facts about Jamaica in the back of the book for further discussion and to help clarify the meaning just in case we got it wrong.  We both really enjoyed Justice's story.  It was something new and fresh.  I will definitely be adding a physical copy to our bookshelf.

I was given a digital copy of Justice pon di Road for review from the author, Aliona Gibson. Aliona self-published her first children's book, Justice pon di Road .  Although, the book was given to me for review all thoughts are my own.  If you or your child enjoy learning about other cultures, are doing a study on Jamaica, or just need a change of scenery, you will enjoy this book.

For more information about Aliona and her book, visit her website here. You can also follow her on Facebook.


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