Getting into Gear: The Return to Homeschooling

As I have stated before, it has taken me awhile to get back into the swing of things around here.

We have been slowly preparing for our upcoming school year.  We were year round schoolers before venturing into public school last year, and we hope to return to this way.  It was kind of hard to get back into learning when all we wanted to do is relax and free our minds.  We weren't totally idle, but it wasn't what I planned either.

This year the girls will be in first and third.

So without further ado, here are homeschooling plans and curriculum for 2013-2014.

Both girls will use Christian Light Education for Mathematics and Language Arts. I really like the layout of their programs, and the no nonsense behind their approach.

For reading, we will step away from CLE and use real books. For first grade, we will use Veritas Press' First Favorites Collection 1 and possibly 2.   For third grade, we will use Veritas Press' literature guides for several books, and I may create a few of my own {this I am not certain}. 

 photo f8794ab8-e00e-439a-b88f-4a4a455b1e48_zpsdd8589da.jpg

For handwriting, we will use A Reason for Handwriting books A and transition.

We will use Trail Guide for US Geography and Beautiful Feet Early American History.  History has always been a difficult subject for me to purchase curriculum for primarily because I don't know beforehand how blacks and other races are portrayed in the curriculum.  I am going to give these two programs a try, and will add contributions and history from blacks and other races to them to round them out.

I will finally get the opportunity to use our science program that was purchased last year.  It is God's Design for Life.  We will try to complete all three books which include the human body, plants, and animals.

The girls' have asked to learn piano. Our oldest took lessons for a few years, but not last.  I have taken up the task to teach them although I am not a skilled pianist.  I was told I could handle it by a piano teacher since they are in the early stages.  We shall see.  We will use Faber & Faber Piano Adventures.

So that's our curriculum.  As you can see, we are pretty eclectic. I am also making it a point to be a little more structured this year. Simply because our older daughter appreciates a routine.

What are your plans for the upcoming year?  Has your family already started back or do you school year round?

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