Out and About: The Tennessee State Capitol & Museum

The Tennessee State Capitol and Museum are located in Nashville, Tennessee. We made the journey to Nashville to learn more about the history of our new area.   Thankfully, the day was nice even thought there was a little rain here and there. 

This was our first time visiting any state's capitol building.  We all were looking forward to learning.

We learned that Tennessee is the state that has a few bodies buried in the walls of its capitol.  The architect and planner are both buried in one of the capitol buildings walls.  Other history trivia include that there were three U. S. presidents that claimed Tennessee as their home.  They were Presidents Jackson, Polk, and Andrew Johnson.

The House was in session so we were able to get a peek at the things that happen on the floor.  There was a little voting.  The representatives take turns recycling so we saw the other members take their no longer needed documents to her chair so she can take off to the recycling area.  I was surprised to hear the representatives giving birthday shout-outs.  One representative gave a shout out to his wife who was celebrating her birthday. 

Our youngest daughter is very interested in the government.  Going into the House gave her some insight.  She is still trying to get her mind wrapped around the fact that the government is not one particular person, but a body.  I think we will focus on U. S. government in the fall.

 After visiting the Capitol, we headed over to the State Museum.  Admission to the museum is free Tuesday through Friday.  One thing I appreciated about the museum tour was the scavenger hunt.  They compiled many questions to get the children engaged in the museum artifacts.  We took a break during the hunt to eat lunch since we were to participate in a few lectures. 

 If you haven't visited your state's capitol, I would highly recommend it.  I am hoping that we can fit in a few more capitol visits when we visit our friends and family who live in some of the capitals.

Have you visited your state's capitol building?  Is it on your to do list?

Be blessed,

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