Earning Income as a Homeschool Mom

Throughout my years of being a homeschool, I have searched for some way to earn income.  The main reason I searched for opportunities was to find something for me to do to feed the talents that I have been gifted.  The other reason I made the decision to earn was to help my family.  We have gone through unemployment and underemployment, and we have found that my contributions no matter how big or small help our family.  

In those early homeschool years, there wasn't as many opportunities as there are now. Maybe this is because my daughters are older or maybe it's because I am willing to step outside the box or maybe it's because there are really just more amazing opportunities for women who choose to be at home. Whatever the reason, I am glad that I am able to help financially without compromising my responsibilities as a homeschooling mom. Working and homeschooling isn't always easy, but it can definitely be done.

Flexible Earning Opportunities for Homeschool Moms 

Create lessons to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers

Do you create lessons for your children to use in your homeschool?  If so, Teachers Pay Teachers can be an income option for you.  I've created lessons for my daughters that I have uploaded to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Once your lessons are up, people can purchase them and you can earn income.   Teachers Pay Teachers is a good option for earning because once you upload your lessons, you don't have to create it over and over again when someone purchases it.  Now you do have to put time into creating your digital lessons so you would need to carve out time to create them especially if you don't create activities for your own children often. 

Teach a class in your skillset on Outschool

I've been teaching on Outschool for three months now, and I absolutely enjoy it.  It is a perfect way for me to earn income without having to leave my home.  The classes I teach allow me to include my daughters so I am homeschooling them while earning.  Since I love teaching,  Outschool is a natural fit for me.  If you are a natural teacher and have passions that you want to share with young people, Outschool might be a fit for you too.  I like that I am able to create my own schedule and create the classes that I want to share with others.  I don't teach anything that I am not excited about.  If you want to know more about Outschool, read the post Outschool in your Homeschool

Teach ESL students with VIPKid

I haven't taught for VIPKid before, but several homeschool moms have shared that they enjoy teaching English to children overseas.  The teaching times are early in the morning so it makes it easy to get your work done before homeschooling, and you won't have to worry about fitting it into your day. You can check out this testimonial from one of the VIPKid teachers.

Drive for Amazon Flex

If you have access to childcare, driving for AmazonFlex is good option.  I drove for them a few times before finding my favorite streams of income.  I liked driving because I didn't have to interact with too many people.  I was able to pick up my packages and drop them off without hassle.  I also liked that it was a more physical job and I counted it as exercise. :) The downfalls with this opportunity are never knowing if there will be driving blocks available and needing childcare because your car will be too full to have any additional passengers.

Transcribe for Rev

If you can type and have a good ear for spoken words then transcription might work.  I have transcribed for Rev.com in the past.  It was fairly simple if I didn't select extremely long audio to transcribe. One thing I enjoyed about transcription work was learning something new from the conversations, lectures, etc. that I transcribed since the site is open to a variety of audio.  I haven't transcribed in a while, but this doesn't disqualify me from working with Rev because Rev never fires you or closes your account unless you do something that violates the company. This is a nice perk because it allows me to earn a few dollars without going on a new job hunt.  One reason I don't transcribe often is because it is time consuming and so is homeschooling.  If I was a night owl, it probably would be a better fit.

As the freelance world continues to expand so will opportunities for homeschool moms.  It's amazing how the landscape has changed in the past eight years.  I no longer have to search for the right part-time job; now, I just focus on the right freelance opportunities that work for me and my family.

Are you a working homeschool mom?  How do you earn?