Outschool in Your Homeschool

This post is sponsored by Outschool. All words, thoughts, and opinions are my own from my experience as an Outschool teacher.
Have you heard of Outschool- online classes for kids?  I hadn't heard about this amazing hub of live, online classes until I was scrolling through one of the few Facebook homeschool groups that I am a member.  One mom had enthusiastically came to share with the group a gem she had found called Outschool.  Her post led me to the website.  When I arrived, I was impressed by all that it had to offer.  The site hosts a variety of classes by teachers who are passionate about the topics that they teach.  Before I clicked away from the site,  I had to sign up.  Since that day, my daughters and I have been a part of the Outschool family.

Four Reasons to Consider Outschool for Your Child

Passionate Teachers

Outschool is the place where teachers come to share their passion about the topics they love.  This means that not all teachers are certified or have had formal training in these topics.  For instance,  I love teaching art and in my mind I am an artist, but I haven't taken many art classes. I have, however, read quite a few books about art styles, techniques, and artists. I teach art because it is something I enjoy. My passion for art is recognized by my students. I remember after my first online art class on Outschool, my students shared with me that they were surprised that it was, indeed, my first time teaching on the platform. They all shared that they had an amazing time in class and loved the project.   I am not the only passionate teacher on Outschool. There are teachers sharing their love for math, coding, history, and more on the online educational website.

Convenience and Flexibility

Each teacher sets his or her own schedule; because of this fact, classes are taught at a variety of times.  Some teachers offer morning classes while others offer late afternoon classes. You can even find some weekend classes. There are many teachers who also provided the opportunity for parents to suggest a time.  If you are lucky, you might get just the time that you want.  Not only is the scheduled time convenient, but the length of the class sessions are convenient.  Parents do not have to commit to a semester course if it doesn't fit their schedule instead a child can take a one time session or a four week session.  I appreciate this because we struggled with co-ops due to the time commitments. 

Not only is the setup of the classes convenient for your schedule, but it can also be convenient for your purse.  Outschool classes are reasonable priced, and there are classes in all rate ranges.

Opportunity for Cooperative Learning

We aren't co-op family, but I recognize the benefits of group learning.  Outschool allows for students to learn with their peers (students are usually within a four year age span) without the expectations of a co-op.  As you may know, co-ops often have guidelines and expectations. One of those expectations is usually parents teaching a class or two. For many busy homeschool moms, additional teaching requirements isn't feasible. Outschool allows children to have this experience without putting their parents to work. Another benefit is the opportunity for public speaking (sort of). Since classes on Outschool are mostly live, students have the chance to interact with other children from all over the country and world (I've had the pleasure of teaching a student in Turkey) which causes them to step out of their comfort zone and interact with strangers which can be hard for some children. My daughters are often the last to speak because it is hard for them to be live on camera, and this also true in real life. They tend to need to warm up to new people.  If you have a shy or introverted child, taking a live, online class may be a way to help him come out just a bit more.

Variety of Classes

Outschool offers a variety of classes in many subject areas. You can find classes about:

There are so many topics to choose from within the subject area too.  For instance, within the Learner Skills section, there is the To Believe or Not to Believe? course which focuses on logic skills and another course, Cornell Notes, which teaches students how to take notes using this specific method. 

As a homeschool parent and passionate educator, I am glad that I came across Outschool.  It has been amazing addition to our learning environment. 

Have you heard of Outschool? Which classes are you thinking about for your children? 

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