Grapevine Studies: Resurrection Review

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As Easter approaches, the girls and I are taking the time to study about the resurrection with Grapevine Studies. Grapevine takes a unique approach in helping learners grow in the Word. The visual method works well with children of all ages. We are studying with the Resurrection: Multi-Level downloadable PDF version. The Resurrection study focuses on the Last Supper to the ascension of the Messiah. We complete one lesson each week. There are nine lessons in The Resurrection Bible Study.
Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

It wasn’t until I was an adult did I fully understand the meaning of Easter.  As a child, I felt so lost when it came to religious holidays.  I remember the traditions, but the meaning was lost on me.  As the girls continued to get older, my desire to know more about the faith in which I followed grew more and more and it continues to grow.  When we studied John in 2011, it was like my eyes were opened and everything had new meaning.    Thinking about my own experiences and the statistics of children who are raised in Christian homes, I knew that I wanted more for the girls besides for them to just follow my lead.  I wanted them to know and understand the why.  Grapevine Studies help me to achieve this goal.  The Resurrection is truly biblical based.  There isn’t any much outside commentary, if any.  I love that.  So many scholars have to share their interpretation and at times this can distract from the Word.  The program does suggest using a Bible Dictionary. This allows the parent to give accurate information to the child(ren).  This bible study is meant to be done together so I wouldn't recommend sending your learner off alone to complete.

The method in which the Resurrection is taught really invites the reader into the story.  I don’t know about you, but I enjoy being a part of the story.  One may think that drawing stick figures may or may not be a good method of learning, but for me and my daughters it helps us to be more engaged.  We are able to give the people of the biblical times a face albeit a stick figured face, but a face indeed.  It draws us into deeper conversation as to why Judas betrayed Yahshua.  We can see the disciples and the Messiah moving about with purpose and this gives us more understanding. My third and fifth grader alike enjoys the stick figuring aspect of this bible study.

If you are like me a Believer who had little Biblical knowledge, but are wanting more for your children then using the Grapevine Studies gentle approach can be a way of sparking deeper understanding of the Father and His plans for us. One of my favorite parts of the Resurrection: Multi-Level Study is the timeline. The study starts with a timeline which is filled out starting with the evil plan and ending with the ascension. I like this because it gives a foundation of what is to happen. The following lessons then fill in the details. As we all know having a foundation is more important than random knowledge. The reiteration of the foundation makes Grapevine Studies an ideal method to teaching young Believers whether adults or children.
Another thing that I like about the Resurrection Bible Study is that it drew from all accounts. We read from all of the Gospels not just one. Currently, we are studying the book of Mark so we were already learning from one viewpoint, but not until we began this study did I realize that the girls didn’t know that some sections of the Gospels repeat in the other books. This gave them new knowledge. No matter how many times we’ve read a story from the Bible, Grapevine Studies continues to deliver in causing us to dig deeper and see things with fresh eyes.
Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}
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