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This week was a tad more relaxed than normal; this was a good thing.  We began the week observing The Feast of Trumpets.  This was our first year observing and it was beautiful for my family and me.  It was a welcomed Sabbath filled with prayer and Scripture.

Book Learning:

 Since I had a stomachache for most of the week that was often accompanied with a headache, most of our group studies didn't happen.  The girls did work diligently on math, language arts, and typing.  Thanks to Stacie at No Idle Bread , the girls started using Typing.com for typing instruction.  It is a great website and it's free!

We recently listened to A Dog's Life: The Autobiography of a Stray by Ann M. Martin and Nuts to You by Lynne Rae Perkins.  We listen to a variety books and often I choose books that the girls wouldn't necessarily select on their own.  Both of the stories were enlightening.  Although they aren't faith based, our Creator is woven into every story whether intentionally or not. A Dog's Life is the story of a stray female dog named Squirrel.  Squirrel's story begins at her birth and continues into her old age.  My oldest daughter said it was depressing, but good.  As we listened to Squirrel's story, I realized that her story could have easily been one of  any person.  When all of the cards were stacked against her and as fear and death surrounded her, she still continued on.  She found faith in herself.  She used the instincts that God gave her, and accepted the gifts that He placed in her path. Isn't it amazing how He gives us all what we need to live in any environment? 

Nuts to You took a different approach and focused on friendship.  This story made me think of how we are called to be friends to one another and love our neighbors as ourselves.  Nuts to You tells the story of a few squirrels and their quest to help a friend and then their entire cove.  It really made me think to what extent would I pursue those I care about to do something that I know without a doubt would be in their best interest.  Oftentimes, I find that I give up because I don't want to fight or be "too much", but I now realize there are times in which I have to keep pushing.

I am sure that we all may not interpret these books the same, but I am thankful that God speaks to me using a variety of things even middle grade books. :)


 We are studying the book of Job at our local Community Bible Study.  Job has really helped me to see that even though one is seen blameless and upright in God's sight, there will always be areas that He can refine.  Reading Job has helped me to be able to help my daughters more.  They don't get into to trouble often, but it's not because they don't do things.  I often correct them without telling that they are doing something wrong.  This is a good method, I believe.  I also realize this can also be a downfall because they don't always recognize their weaknesses.  They know that they are not perfect, but teaching them about sin has been a bit of work over the years.  By reading Job's story, there is now a better understanding that even though you do things right in obedience you can still have sin issues and that sin is not just the "big" things.  We all have to be refined and allow Him into the deep crevices.

Just for Fun:  

We finally went camping!  I thought about writing a post dedicated to our camp out, but I am not.  The family camp out was a good and horrible experience.  It was good because it was fun.  There was night hike, campfire, s'mores, and even a friend from our home school classes was there.  It was horrible because it rained and the temperature dropped and we froze!  Again, He was there.  This outing taught us a little bit more about humility and being content even when we are uncomfortable.  We aren't turned off about the idea of camping, but instead we have more wisdom for our next outing.

How was your week?  Share in the comments!

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