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Reflections: What is Confidence?

A friend asked me if I have always been confident.  My first response was I am not confident now, but I quickly corrected myself once the reminder came to me to speak positively over myself. This question led to a deeper discussion, one that challenged me to reflect on my reasons for feeling this way. 

Reflecting :: There's Not Enough Time

Lately, I have been struggling with time management. The number of things vying for my attention can be overwhelming.  From the dozens of ideas running through my mind daily to wanting to utilize every gift the Father has blessed me to possess, and I can't forget the responsibilities I have as a person, wife, and mother.

In our everyday life, men are far and few between who really build each other up in God's word and name.  This has been a prayer.  I wanted my husband to have some of the same things that I have.  I have awesome women who pour into my life.  Some are online.  Some are in bible study.  Some are miles and miles away so we chat over the phone or through texting.  I know the value of not doing life alone and having confidants that share the same beliefs.