Three on Thursday: New Pieces & Upcoming Trunk Show

  • Last week, I updated several of my earring designs for my handcrafted jewelry shop.  Getting the designs completed was definitely on the top of my joyous moments.  As a home schooling mom, wife, and so on,  I have a steady list of things that I desire to accomplish so when I meet my goals I am often feel ecstatic even if they are small goals.
  • Two weeks ago,  I decided that I would indeed have my annual trunk show.  It had been on my mind, but since we are still relatively new to our environment I wasn't sure if I should have an event.  I am excited about the show I am hosting this Sunday.  I keep reminding myself that even if it is a smaller turn out than my previous shows that is okay.  At least, I am moving forward and giving my business a fair shot in our new home town.
  • I might as well continue with the business theme for this Three on Thursday,  I applied to be in the Faithbox.  If you haven't heard of Faithbox,  it is a subscription box service for Believers.  All things in the Faithbox should point back to the ultimate Creator, The Most High.  I have my fingers cross that I get in. 

How has your week been so far?  Have you met any goals that make you feel ecstatic?  Please share in the comments.