F is for Faith

When I began my faith journey 14 years ago, I didn't full comprehend the meaning of faith.  I figured I would work on myself and stress less, but I really didn't understand and sometimes still don't the amount of pushing and pulling that would take place.  Faith really doesn't allow for one to become comfortable and coast through life.  Dictionary.com defines faith as a belief that is not based on proof.  That definition is fine, but I've learned that faith is not only a belief, but it requires action.

Everyday I am exercising faith in at least one or all of these areas: relationships, homeschooling, and business.

Relationships:  I've


recently that relationships can be difficult for me.  I know part of it is my personality and the other part is that you never fully know anyone else.  I think that's one thing which is impossible.  With the help of my faith, I have grown much in developing relationships with others.  The need to overprotect myself has subsided.  The ability to be


whether for years, a month, or ten minutes has been because of my faith in Him.  I don't always know what I am walking into when I enter new friendships.  Some days I don't know what I am walking into with my family (husband and daughters), but I trust that as long as I am doing my part by allowing Him to use me that something good will come out of it for at least one of the parties.


:  I've read about others' successes as it relates to taking full control of their children's education, but honestly I have no idea what the end of our homeschool journey will look like.  Each day we rise with a purpose.  There's not the belief that the girls will go off to do great things without effort on their part.  There is an understanding that diligence is a muscle to be built, and because we believe that He will use us to do great things we must be prepared.  I often tell the girls that many of things I wouldn't be able to do if there wasn't some preparation on my part.  I may not use my education in the way it was intended, but I use it the way He intended for it to be used.

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Business:  Not long ago I shared that I gave my


over to Him.  For some reason, I took that as a way to coast and believe whatever happens happen, but as you may know it does not work that way.  Since I have stopped fighting and forcing, I have been pulled more out of my comfort zone in a way that I couldn't have done on my own.  The ideas that I have are now coming to fruition versus me talking myself out of it.  Because of my faith, I can move.  When I lacked faith, I also lacked movement. 

Share your thoughts about faith.  In what ways have you been pushed when you may have desired to coast?

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