A Lil' Weekend: Home Alone

I have spent practically the entire day at home alone. 

Impressive, right?  Well,  I did not know what to do with myself.  I couldn't relax, and constantly fought to get out of my head.

After chatting with myself and praying, I headed over to YouTube and watched a few moms share their homeschooling story.  It helped.  Hearing their stories and learning about the new things they are doing with their kiddos definitely helped place a smile on my face.

I cleaned and rearranged a few things while listening because it is hard for me to sit and watch things on a screen.   I am so not a T. V. person which is why I didn't watch the Reba DVDs that I checked out a few weeks ago.  I don't know why I have to be a special mood to watch television, but that is my truth.

I can say my spirits were lifted during this time.  I found myself baking muffins.  Did I tell you guys that I am always baking muffins?  I bake muffins at least twice a week.  Today I baked Blueberry Banana muffins.   I considered making jewelry, but I messed up which made me say, "Maybe not today."   I did take pictures of a few new pieces I created earlier in the week, though.

Well, this has been my weekend thus far.  The girls and I are now headed to church.  I am looking forward to hearing God's word.

How has your weekend been?  Do you struggle with relaxing at times? Share some of your techniques of getting out of a funk.

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Be Blessed!

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