Who I Am ...

I've pondered about writing this post for the majority of the week.  I wasn't sure how to describe myself.  You would think that talking about someone you have lived everyday of your life with would come easier, but it doesn't.

Here's what I've come up with ...

I'm not very good at taking selfies.  I hope I become a better photographer as I work through this 52 week challenge. :)

I'm not very good at taking selfies.  I hope I become a better photographer as I work through this 52 week challenge. :)

  • I'm an internal processor.  I mull things over for extended periods of time.  I can gaze at the clouds or birds, and have all types of thoughts running through my mind.
  • I'm introverted.  I recharge by having time alone.  This morning I enjoyed 2 hours in my closet alone. It was peaceful and just what I needed to refill.  Initially, I thought that having a introverted personality was weird because I was surrounded by so many extroverts.  Now I have come to love this quality about myself.
  • I am a believer.  My relationship with the Father and His Son has been a slow and steady build.  It has been the greatest gift I have received.
  • I am an early riser.  Most days I wake at 5:15.  This is not something I do on purpose, but my body has been trained this way since I was around 10.  That's what happens when you live with a great-grandmother who believes you should be up before the sun.
  • I take things nice and easy.  Don't get me wrong, I do get excited about by some things and opportunities, but I've learned that if I move too fast or get too distracted I become more frustrated than enthused.
  • I appreciate and crave deep, honest relationships.  It is really hard for me to have surface relationships.  I understand that everyone doesn't have time to invest in relationships, but I prefer investing in a few solid relationships. 
  • I'm low maintenance.  For years, my husband and I would have issues because of this truth about me. He really had a hard time accepting the fact that there aren't many physical things that I care about or want.  Thankfully, he has come to understand, appreciate, and accept this about me.
  • I love creating!  Creativity comes in many different forms for me such as writing, designing jewelry, reorganizing our living space, scrapbooking, baking, decorating my planner, and coloring.  Each day I do at least one of these things.
  • I love exploring!  Although stuff doesn't excite me, I do not mind spending money on an experience. I enjoy visiting new places.  I also value exploring locally because I believe in investing in our local economy first.
  • I enjoy talking.  Although I am an introvert, I enjoy talking about things that interest me.  You will know if I am really into a conversation because my voice will rise.  I don't do it on purpose; it just happens.

Those are a few facts about me. Over the years, I have grown to love these quirks. Maybe not the early rising part, but it comes in handy most days. :)

This post is a part of Everyday Eyecandy Project 52.