One Word 2016: Joy

Over the past few years, I have looked forward to intentionally focusing on one word as I progress through the year.  Last year,  my word was diligence.  Although I didn't write specifically about being diligent, I hope that diligence could be seen in the topics and posts I shared with you all last year. Diligence was the exact word that I needed last year.  It showed up and encouraged me just when I needed.  Although I intentionally focused on being diligent last year, I know it is a word that will stick with me for a lifetime. 

This year, my word is joy.  As usual, the word finds me before the year actually ends.  It sneaks in and begins to guide me.  Joy found me because I needed to see things with fresh eyes.  I didn't want to hide any longer.  I didn't want to downplay the gifts, all the simple gifts, that He gives me daily.  So, this year I will intentionally seek joy.  I will intentionally choose joy.  I will intentionally find joy in all things whether it's cleaning, teaching, or creating. 

What's your one word, phrase, or scripture for this year?

Latonya MoComment