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Three Ways to Teach Children to Serve

I often cringe when I am in an environment where selfish behavior is running rabid whether it's my own or another person's.  One thing I learned as a transient child is that I did want to be the type of adult I often saw. My desire to not be selfish was one of my greatest gifts from a not so great childhood.  This doesn't mean that I always get it right, but it does mean I am more aware of my behavior and the behavior of those around me.

Birthday Struggles & Fun with the World of Coca-Cola

After celebrating eight birthdays as a family, one would assume that birthdays would be a cinch in our home, but too be honest they have been anything but that for the past three or so years.  I dreaded birthdays.  Not because everyone was aging or that they represent time passing.  I dreaded them because as the girls aged birthdays became a source of contention in our home.  Why, you may ask?  Well, we have one summer birthday and one winter birthday.  This caused our winter child to feel cheated. If we are honest, summer birthdays seem to represent fun!  It's hot outside and opportunities to do things are endless.