Carving Out Time for Mommy

Encouragement for moms

I have always kept a few moments for myself since I started this journey in motherhood.  This time wasn't meant to be selfish, but instead it was to help me keep my sanity.  During the years our oldest was an infant and toddler, my time alone consisted mostly of reading, showers, and homework. Stimulating my mind and getting a hot shower were important to me so those were the things I held on to since there is only so much I can fit into a day.  

Now that we have two very different daughters who I stay home with, I have found that carving out time for myself looks different than it did in the earlier years.   I think it actually is a bit easier nowadays because the girls understand me not only as their mom, but also as a person.  I have always been honest with them about my need for quiet and time to regroup since I am an introvert.  I am grateful to have daughters who take the time to see me as a person because motherhood is demanding, and we often feel the pressure to keep pushing when we really need to take a moment to regroup.  

What does Mommy Time look like for me?

Well first let me tell you what time for myself looks like.  I still enjoy reading so I have been finding myself in a good or fairly good book each week. I also enjoy reading the Word and meditating on it.  I need exercise so I work out at least three times each week.  I enjoy baking alone, and I do this several times a month.  My businesses-writing and creating jewelry- are for me although my family benefits from them so this is included in my time since starting them was ultimately my choice.  I still appreciate a nice shower and on most days I am fortunate to take two. 

How do I carve out time for myself?

We all know there are only so many hours in a day, and this momma needs rest.  If I don't get it is shows up in my behavior.  I don't skimp on sleep to do the things I enjoy, but I do give myself realistic time limits and weekly goals.  In my planner, I write down the days I intend to exercise.  I exercise at 8:00, and my daughters exercise with me.  Although we are doing it together it gives me the chance to feed myself in the area of physical fitness.  I also walk daily with Eva several times each day which allows me to enjoy nature while moving.

Time management plays a big part in allowing me to experience mommy time.  Although I don't always use my time wisely, I try to on most days.  Every moment counts.   I read Scripture when I first wake up, and it is often incorporated in my work so I also read the Word throughout the day.  Reading books take the most time so I usually read on the weekend. Our weekends are often light so I take this time to read and write. A few weekends a month I go to the coffee shop or bookstore alone.   I also read a lot of YA books which aren't extremely long.  When I feel the need to color, I color while my husband is watching sports or while the girls are playing. 

My mommy time doesn't happen the same way each day or each week outside of exercising, but I know it is something that need so I intentionally seek it.  We have to make time to enjoy the gifts He has given us even if it is only for a short period of time. Today I am writing this post while the girls are getting their teeth filled. I like writing so I have to use moments like these to do the things I enjoy.

How do you carve out time for yourself?