Capture the Summer: Be Together

Summer is similar to the holiday season for us.  Things slow down a bit, and we can take our time to enjoy everyday moments without much pressure.  I like this about summer.

I also like the fact that there is almost always something fun to do with the days being longer and warmer.  This past weekend, we headed out for another festival only to find out it wasn't a weekend festival, but a Saturday only festival.  Isn't that something to arrive to a festival we were looking forward to a day late?  One thing I learned in that moment was that it wasn't really about the festival, but the time we were spending together.  I sometimes think the longer days make have this false sense of forever.  You know the I'll get to it tomorrow feeling? 

Well, in our fluke we nearly simply turned around to go back home after driving a half hour away.  I am glad it came to me to simply enjoy our time together even if it wasn't the way planned it to be.  So we made the most of it, and the girls experienced their first soda floats at the antique shop. 

Simple Ways We Enjoy Being Together

Spending time together doesn't always mean going somewhere new.  During the day while my husband is away, the girls I enjoy plenty of days sitting on the porch together reading or doing Sudoku puzzles.  We may not talk much at all, but there is joy in simply being in each other's presence.  We also take plenty of walks around our neighborhood or the local trails.  This is often when they share the most with me about their thoughts.  I love these moments, and I hope they are serving as good memories for them too.

When my husband is home, our time together is often humorous.  We are a silly bunch, and we are proud of it.  Laughter is good for the soul.  

We also enjoy playing games like charades and Make-a-Match or just talking about our day.  Being alert while spending time together is such a gift because in these moments I am often reminded of my purpose as a mother and wife. 

How are you spending time simply being together with your family? Don't forget to enter this week's giveaway.

These water bottles from Oodles World are their new favorites.  They take them everywhere.

These water bottles from Oodles World are their new favorites.  They take them everywhere.

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