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Black Homeschoolers | Where to Find Community

When I started my homeschooling mom career, I initially didn't seek out other homeschooling families. I wanted to get started and find my own way before taking in the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of others on the journey. I didn't want to become confused or discouraged because of information overload. After I got my footing, I slowly started to venture out in seek different ways to interact with other homeschooling families.

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Online Planning with

MySchoolYear (homeschool record planning) has already proved itself useful since we have been using it for our summer semester.  We don’t use as many resources in the summer, but the girls continue to complete lessons primarily online, and we have also been doing art and history.  I appreciate that I am able to type in a segment of lessons, and the program evenly distributes it over a course of days.  This capability alone makes the transition to digital worth because I no longer have to write each individual lesson down, and if I make a mistake it is just a swipe of the mouse and a click of a button to fix the mistake. 

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