What We're Learning: A Quick Peek at October

Hey, everyone!  I didn't keep up with weekly updates last month so today I am sharing a few highlights of our month.

We ended the month of September by attending a local high school's homecoming parade. This was our first parade this year.  The girls had a blast even though it was drizzly that day.  We enjoyed seeing the girls dressed up in their homecoming dresses and listening to the marching band.

We visited this AWESOME bookstore!  We didn't see every inch of the store and mainly stayed in the children's and homeschooling section, but I was blown away.  I don't believe our library has many books as this store.  We were grabbed a few books.  I think I purchased around 6 books, and I didn't spend more than $10.  This included curriculum type items and books for reading.

Science is one of the highlights of our week.  We meet another homeschool family twice a week to do our science.  This semester we are focusing on Chemistry.  I think I have just as much fun as the children.  On this day, they were distinguishing acids from bases.  My oldest daughter has enjoyed the last few weeks in particularly because we are now focusing on the periodic table.  Since beginning Chemistry,  I have noticed that my youngest daughter does really well with inference.  She normally figures the science out without using the text. 

Since we are now apartment dwellers, we no longer have a recycling truck come to pick up our recyclables therefore the girls and I load our stuff up each week and take it to one of the recycling drop off centers.  I wasn't sure about how this would go, but they look forward to separating the pieces.  My youngest, of course, always wants the most pieces. 

Nearly each time we go to drop off someone asks how did  I get them to want to recycle.  Honestly,  it has just always been a part of our life.  When we moved here, we started throwing the recyclable items away and that was hard for us.  We aren't totally green, but we do try to help out the environment.

Our month has included a few field trips.  The girls are still working through the curriculum that was selected at the beginning of the year.  We haven't dropped anything.  We have added a few supplements here and there.  Parts of math sometimes causes my oldest daughter to stumble, but she has made great progress.  We are really proud of her.  We normally can recognize which parts will take a little while for her to get so this makes being able to educate her at home a perk.  I am still figuring spelling out for my youngest.  She can spell, but she is intimidated by longer words.  This has been one area that we are focusing on her for her.  I have come to realize that if she journals or does some creative writing regularly, her spelling gets better because she uses some of the words often.

 How was your month?  Any new finds that made a particular area of learning easier or more exciting?

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