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Black Homeschoolers | Where to Find Community

When I started my homeschooling mom career, I initially didn't seek out other homeschooling families. I wanted to get started and find my own way before taking in the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of others on the journey. I didn't want to become confused or discouraged because of information overload. After I got my footing, I slowly started to venture out in seek different ways to interact with other homeschooling families.

To Homeschool Convention or Not from a Black Mom's Perspective

My family and I frequent places that will bring value to our lives because of this my husband and I decided early on that we would participate in conferences and activities even if we were the only Black family or not.

The reason I take this stance is because I know that I can always take what I need and leave the rest.  Read "Five Ways I Navigate Homeschool Conventions as a Black Mom"  to see how I make the most of homeschooling conferences