Field Trips & More

Here are five of my favorite highlights from this week ...

  • Our field trip to Bradley Academy was a nice experience.  Bradley Academy, the first African-American school, in our town is now a multicultural center and museum.  Our tour guide is a alumni of the school and began her academic career there in 1944.  The girls enjoyed seeing the classroom from that time period.  I enjoyed listening to her stories about the school and her youth.
  • This week we managed to enjoy two field trips.  Today we watched Cinderella at the NCT.  This particular stage production was quite wonderful.  It was humorous and engaging.  It is a goal to make sure the girls are given the opportunity to see more live productions. 
  • I am happy to share that my coat pocket has been mended.  I have an issue with coat pockets.  The reason I have this issue is I tend to put my hand in my pocket while walking our dog who enjoys pulling at times.  This causes the seam of my pocket to rip on the outside.  Not only am I happy that it has been fixed, but I am even happier that my husband was the one to mend it for me.  I am very appreciative to have a husband who doesn't mind sewing.
  • The girls have enjoyed our morning gathering time, and so have I.  This week we added in some new logic activities such as Logic Links by Mindware.  We have a book and a boxed set, and we've had them for several years.  This year seems to be the year that they are both interested.  We also added Sudoku to our mornings.  Right now, I am teaching them the basics so they can be comfortable trying it on their own.  Super Teacher Worksheets has some great getting started with Sudoku activities on their site.
  • One of my favorite things about this week has been being able to exercise.  I hadn't really found my exercise stride.  I walk daily several times a day, but walking and running alone do not tend to do much for me.  I need full body workouts.  I am excited that the girls and I are now able to work out everyday, if we choose, with Daily Burn 365 ( this is my invite link to the program for anyone who is interested).  The $13 per month is really worth it for us.  Not only did I enjoy it, but the girls did too.  They were up and ready to go each morning for the live class. 

How was your week?  Feel free to share some of your highlights in the comments.  I love hearing about others joyous moments.