A Bible Study for Homeschool Moms: Refresh Your Heart

I received “Refresh Your Heart” at no cost from BJU Press. This post contains affiliate links.

Bible studies refresh me. I don’t always have a particular book of the Bible on my heart and mind to study, but I often have the desire to study biblical topics. Studying topics with the help of a Bible study helps me to not overthink how I will spend time in my Bible.

Earlier this year, I had an urge to intentionally focus on my heart. When I came across Refresh Your Heart from BJU Press’ JourneyForth, I knew it would be one of the studies I would complete this year. The study is composed of twelve lessons that can be completed weekly or bi-weekly depending on how the reader desires to pace herself. I decided to complete an lesson each week because I enjoy working through several studies in a year.
Refresh Your Heart on my nightstand

Refresh Your Heart on my nightstand

“Refresh Your Heart” focuses on a different “type” of heart for each lesson such as:

  • a trusting heart

  • a peaceful heart

  • a sweet heart

  • a servant’s heart

  • a forgiving heart

  • a weeping heart

  • a submissive heart

Each lesson guides you to scripture that focuses on the characteristic of the heart for the lesson. The lessons are not broken into day 1 and so on like other studies, but instead reads like a chapter of a book. I liked this aspect of the study because it allowed me to pace myself as the spirit guided me, and it also left room for be delve deeper into through characteristic of the week.

As I worked to refresh my heart, I knew that going in order of the topic wasn’t going to work for me. I chose to go read each lesson based on my heart condition. This was another reason I enjoyed this Bible study. The lessons didn’t build off one another, but instead were topical which made it possible to go out of order.

Reminders from “Refresh Your Heart” Bible Study"

  1. “Hold your belongings in open hands, ready to give them back to God at any time.”

  2. “ A woman whose heart desires a simple life will find a way to achieve it.”

  3. The Father’s “forgetting” is deliberate. He chooses not to remember our forgiven sins.

  4. “ You are to minister to others the gift you have received, because you are simply the steward, not the owner, of your gift.”

  5. “Worry is not an emotion. It is a thought process.”

These are a few points I underlined as I was reading through “Refresh Your Heart”. Most of which I have been working through over the past year or so. The reminders helped to redirect my thoughts to what is true.

Refresh Your Heart Bible study was a good fit for me during a season I needed and wanted to refresh my heart.