Upgrading My Small Business with Walmart Family Mobile Plus

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Tax time can be dreadful or it can be enlightening depending on the mindset.  This year tax season brought clarity; it revealed to me just how much I needed to do to make my life a bit less frazzled when it comes to managing Alexandria’s Authentically Made Jewelry.  For me, managing my small business was similar to homeschooling it just melds into my everyday life.  There’s really not much separation. 

As I completed our taxes this year, I knew that it was time for a change.  It was time for me to do something specifically for the business that would also help me to meet my goals of staying organized without breaking the bank.

One thing that was revealed to me is that I really need to do a better job of defining my business from my personal life.  I didn’t realize until filing this year how much the line had blurred.  Since tax season is at the beginning of the year, it is a perfect time to get my business life in order.  It’s like starting over with a clean slate.  One way I am doing this is by getting a separate cell phone service especially for Alexandria’s Authentically Made Jewelry.

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This is a simple fix with the Walmart Family Mobile Plan Plus all I had to do was go to my local Walmart to purchase the phone I wanted and the starter kit which is $25. The main reason I saw a need to implement this change in my business is because I use so much space and data running parts of my business from my cell phone. With social media and an online shop, there’s always a need for pictures and lots of pictures at that. As the years have gone on, I have found it much easier to edit the photos on my phone and then simply upload them directly from my cell phone to my online shop. I am trying to work smarter not harder, y’all.
The Walmart Family Mobile Plan Plus plan allows me to do just what I need to do to get this part of my business in order; hopefully keep it that way. With the plan, I receive 10 GB of data each month on a 4G LTE network, unlimited calls, and unlimited texts. I am almost certain I will not be receiving any notifications about being over my data with so this much data. At only 49.88 each month this service is definitely a good investment for my business.

I purchased the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime for $79.82 which was on Rollback from $99.92 which is only a fragment of the price of other phones.  With it's compact size and dual cameras, I knew the Galaxy Core Prime would allow me to install all of the apps I needed for running my business like Instagram, Square, VSCO, and Twitter since it is an android.  Being able to download certain apps such as the credit card processing app was one of my main concerns because I was limited with my personal cell phone.  When I purchased it, I had no idea which apps I would need to run my business which in turn made things a bit more difficult.  I am happy to say this will no longer be an area of struggle for me when I take part in the upcoming craft events.


With spring being right around the corner so is the beginning of vendor events.  I am excited to see just how much easier it will be for me to serve my customers without wondering if the venue has wi-fi for merchants.  With the 10 GB, I can also make my phone a hot spot which is great when I have the girls with me at an event.  They will be able to use their devices to play games and stay occupied.  Overall, I am excited about this new part of my business, and I am glad that I can already see the benefits.

Did I mention that the Walmart Family Mobile Plan Plus plan also includes one free new release movie (valued at $7) on VUDU each month? Now this is something that’s going to make coming home after my events just a little bit more relaxing. I’ll be able to kick my feet up and watch a movie of my choice on the television using our Roku Stick. As an introvert who needs downtime after spending 5+ hours with a variety of people, I am definitely looking forward to this perk.

How are your upgrading your business or making your life simpler this year?

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