The Coldest Winter 2014

It is freezing here!  I thought I was pretty use to the cold weather.  We have lived here for a little over eight years now, but this winter is just something else.  As I type this it is -15 degrees and it feels like -32.  I am not certain if it has dropped to its lowest yet.  The funny thing is I thought 5 degrees was cold last week, but that was warm compared to today.

I would like to say I don't have to leave the house, but we have a furry family member that has to have some sort of walk or she will be a little whiny.  Vic has come to the conclusion that dogs probably shouldn't leave in cold states.  I think I am starting to agree.  Since the temperature has been dropping and snow has been on the ground she hasn't been able to walk on both back legs at the same time.  She has really started rotating which foot she will walk on, and that makes me feel bad for her.  Our walks are cut to maybe three houses down because it is so cold.

Well, I guess enough for my gripe about the weather.  I am thankful that we have heat and hot chocolate to keep warm on days like this since there are many people that don't have that privilege.  The girls and I have taken to praying for those without shelter.  Luckily, our city has opened up some warming places. 

How cold is it in your neck of the woods?

Be blessed,