Live Fearless: An Adult Coloring Book by Margaret Feinberg

Coloring and reading Scripture are two activities that I really enjoy.  Two ways I find myself able to relax when I am feeling a bit too anxious.  Live Fearless by Margaret Feinberg is a beautiful combination of these two things. 

Live Fearless is an adult coloring book which uses Scripture as its foundation.  There are more than a dozen Scriptures for one to reflect on and memorize.  The coloring book helps weave Scripture that reminds us to be fearless and to trust into our hearts and minds.  You will find Isaiah 41:10 and Luke 12:32 among the pages of Margaret Feinberg’s artistic works.  This coloring book isn’t only about coloring though there is room for journaling and reflection for each of the Scriptures presented in the book.

Each Scripture is drawn and can be colored.  Surrounding the Scripture, you will find Margaret Feinberg’s drawings.  She uses floral designs, animals, and other aspects of nature to highlight the Word of God.    The coloring book is meant to be a journal.  The pages are not perforated, and as I mentioned before there is space for journaling and reflecting; across from each coloring page is the Scripture written in plain text with space beneath for writing.  The pages within the coloring book are thick therefore you can use watercolor paints, markers, or color pencils to add color to your works.  I found the pictures to be narrow so I chose to color with color pencils to keep me inside of the lines.

Live Fearless has helped me to continue to add more Scripture to memory that focus on being fearless.  I like that this coloring book focuses on one topic to help those who may struggle with this particular area.  I also appreciate that the coloring book allows me to express my creativity while giving me room to reflect within the pages of my artwork.