Five Minute Friday: Slow

I don't often move with a sense of urgency.  I am reflective and somewhat cautious.  I have always been this way, and honestly it's one of the things I love about myself. My slow and easy pace. 

Five Minute Friday Slow

It's a gift to be able to move at my own pace when everything around me is moving so fast, but at times it's also a struggle.  It causes me to doubt myself and sometimes it causes it me to become frustrated with myself.  I wonder if my slow movement is out of fear or lack of determination.  Is it because I want things to be perfect?  I don't think so, but these are the thoughts that creep into my head when I am moving at my tortoise's pace while everyone else seems to be moving at a hare's pace.

Today, I am reminding myself of who I am, and why I am that way.  Slow and steady wins the race even if it takes awhile to get to the finish line.  Slow progress is still progress.

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