When You Don't Know What to Pray: 60 Promises to Pray Over ... Book Reviews

I received the books mentioned in this post for review from Dayspring. All thoughts are my own. The post does include affiliate links at no cost to you.

Do you ever feel the urge to pray, but don't always know what to pray. I do. There are moments in my life when I feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how to to speak to God. I often feel down when I feel this way because intercessory praying is a big part of who I am. Thankfully, the Spirit intercedes on behalf, and I don't have to put unnecessary pressure on myself. Not only am I thankful for the Spirit, but I am also grateful for prayer books that offer guidance when I simply do not have the words.

60 Promises to Pray Over Your Daily Life and 60 Promises to Pray Over Your Children from Dayspring

60 Promises to Pray Over Your Daily Life

Each week I've found myself focusing on one topic from 60 Promises to Pray Over Your Daily Life. The handy book is filled with 60 specific areas for us to pray over including acceptance, adversity, busyness, disappointments, eternal life, patience, stress, today, and more. The topics are alphabetized at the beginning of the book which makes it easy for me to find the area I want to focus on especially if nothing is coming to mind, but most days I simply open the book and study whichever topic is on the page I open. I appreciate the surprise, and I often find the words are just what I need in the moment.  

I like that each prayer is opened with Scripture. For instance, the topic of contentment is opened with Philippians 4:11 from the New King James Version (sidebar: all the Scriptures are not from the same version of the Bible). After reading the verse, there are normally 2-3 short paragraphs for prayer.  

"Heavenly Father, Your promises offer me contentment and peace. Help me to trust Your Word, to follow Your commandments, and to welcome the peace of Jesus into my heart."

There's not only the opening Scripture, but there are also at least five more Scriptures to support the specific area of prayer along with quotes and a timely tip. For instance the tip for contentment reads, " Contentment comes, not from your circumstances, but from your attitude and faith."

60 Promises to Pray Over Your Daily Life
I keep 60 Promises to Pray Over Your Daily Life on my work table which is where I spend a lot of time throughout the day between homeschooling my daughters, teaching online, and writing.  I like being able to pick it up at any moment and reflect over the Scriptures that are written throughout it. This little book serves as a great way for me to refocus.

60 Promises to Pray Over Your Children 

Not only do I pray over myself with the 60 Promises to Pray Over Your Daily Life book, but I also pray over my daughters with the 60 Promises to Pray Over Your Children book.  It is written similarly to the Daily Life book, but, of course, is geared towards our children and includes different areas of prayer although some are the same. Topics included in the children's prayer book include:
  • Balance

  • Character

  • Focus

  • God's Help

  • God's Protection

  • Integrity

  • and more

The children's prayer book follows the same setup with a Scripture, prayer, more Scripture, and quotes about the topic, but it doesn't include the timely tip. 
60 Promises to Pray Over Your Children

I keep Promises to Pray Over Your Children by my bedside. I usually pray the prayers at the end of the day based on our interactions, conversations, and concerns my daughters have shared with me.  I appreciate the variety of subjects because if I don't know exactly what to pray there are plenty of topics that can help me find my words. 

Praying is our line of communication to the Most High God. He loves when we speak to Him, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be in direct communication with Him. Prayer books haven't always been my thing, but these little books are simply another tool in my arsenal when it comes to keeping my heart and mind aligned with the Father.

Do you use prayer books to help you develop your prayer life?