What We're Learning: Sacrificing My Life for the Kids?

What We're Learning: Sacrificing My Life for the Kids?

I've never considered my time at home with my daughters a sacrifice.  There's not anything that I love more than being a mother to my daughters so dedicating my time and resources to them doesn't feel like a sacrifice to me.  It feels more like a gift for all of us.

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on June 22, 2012.

 I enjoy being at home with our girls.  It is the one area of life that I am the most certain.  When I feel semi-stressed about finances, finding a full-time job is usually not the first thing on my to-do list simply because I am content with being an at-home mom and recognize the value it adds to our family. 

A friend said to me, "That is so nice of you to sacrifice your life for your kids."  All I could do was laugh at her comment.  I don't see my staying home as a sacrifice of my life.  Shoot, each day I am living.  And, in my living I am able to be more conscious of my decisions. Like, how I am investing my time to help produce cash flow {in a way that brings me fulfillment}, intentionally being involved with our girls, giving myself time {I am an introvert that needs alone time often}, being alert in our marriage and recognizing when negativity is trying to creep in, and a host of other things.  I like being in tune with myself and my family.

I sometimes find myself wondering if the girls would be the same if they were in school.  Would I be able to witness their creativity?  Would we be too busy for each other?  Would be able to do as many fun things since many of our fun activities are during the week{I can do without the large weekend crowds}?

I would really hate to miss out on all the moments we share. Like these:

I couldn't bear to update the photos.

We have been pretty spontaneous! We took advantage of  


, which allows kids to bowl two free games each day for free. The only cost is shoes! We also made an impromptu trip to library where we saw some amazing juggling. 

This week we celebrated Vic's birthday, it was nice to go to Cracker Barrel without waiting for 1/2 an hour. 

I was pretty amused with Ramya's new way of drinking.  Definitely would've hated missing out on this. 

Although I do focus quite a bit of my time on my family,  I am also able to pursue things that bring me joy that I may not otherwise be able if I worked outside the home full-time.  I regularly think about my life after the girls are no longer home, and the steps that I need to take now so that I am able to fulfill my dreams and goals.  I look at being home as allowing me to grow into my purpose.  I appreciate this time that has been given to me, and I am ever so thankful. So no, I don't look at homeschooling as taking away anything from me, but more of enhancing my life and building me up to do even more awesome things.

Do you look at your job as a mom as sacrifice?  Are you often spontaneous with your kids or do you follow a plan?

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