Our First Look at IKEA in Cordova, TN

IKEA had been on my must visit list for quite a few years. I didn't think I would ever get the chance to go to one since we have yet to live in a city with an IKEA store, but as we were traveling to Arkansas I spotted an IKEA!  I was so excited.  But, it was really early in the morning so my husband told me we could stop on our way back home.  

And we did!

our first visit to Ikea in Cordova Tennessee

My girls and me ... Mother's Day 2017 ... our first visit to IKEA #joyintheordinary #cherish365 #embrace365 #365daysofdaughter

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My husband didn't get to go inside IKEA with us because we were traveling with our dog.  If you've never been to an IKEA store before I must tell you that the store is really big.  It is divided into over 20 different sections.  Everything that you need for a home seems to be in the store.  Our visit wasn't as thorough since we didn't want to leave Vic out in the car too long, but somehow we still managed to be in the store for nearly an hour.  

My girls and I enjoyed our visit to IKEA.  I am sure it was because it was a new to us experience, and I am also sure it was because the store has so much cool stuff in it.  My girls enjoyed the model apartments.  They each found one that they could see themselves living in. Even though decorating isn't my thing, I could see myself making a few purchases from IKEA.  I liked the simplicity of the furniture and the way everything seems to fit together.

Even though we enjoyed our visit, I have to say that IKEA is a bit overwhelming.  Luckily, it was not super busy when we arrived because if it would have been I think we all would've had a panic attack.  We ended up getting lost because we couldn't figure our way back to the exit. This is when I wished Vic would've came into the store with us. But, we made it out!  One thing I learned from the visit is to read the signs and believe the signs.  I didn't think we could walk through pass-through doors throughout the store, but we could.  Those doors are actually shortcuts.   I can't wait until we visit again.  The next time we'll leave our pup at home so that all of us will get to experience IKEA. 

Have you ever visited an IKEA store?