Mother Daughter Time with Adventures in Odyssey Up in the Air

This post is sponsored by Focus on the Family in partnership with IHomeschoolNetwork. All words and thoughts are mine as always. 

My daughters and I love listening to stories together. New stories open the door for new conversations. Listening to stories versus me reading them aloud allows me to be surprised right along with my girls. I must confess that sometimes when I am reading a story aloud, I might skip ahead because I just can’t stop reading. I know—bad mommy. Don’t judge me. Audiobooks remove that temptation while giving us the experience of sharing a new story.

Recently, we enjoyed Adventures in Odyssey Up in the Air from Focus on the Family. This was our first time listening to Adventures in Odyssey. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I wasn’t sure both of my daughters would enjoy the stories since we are in the midst of tween years with teen years right on our heels.

Family audiobooks for all ages!

I didn’t find a recommended age listing for Adventures in Odyssey, and now I know why! It’s because the stories can truly be enjoyed by everyone. My daughters who are 10 and 12 years old laughed and engaged with the story, and so did I. The stories aren’t written to be heard by only one age group instead each episode is filled with lessons that children especially tweens and teens can apply to their current life situations. For instance, Find A Penny opened the door for us to have a conversation about being aware of our surroundings and the people in the same environment.

A Review About Adventures in Odyssey (AIO #63) Up in the Air Kid's Audiobook

Adventures in Odyssey Up in the Air includes six stories including one story that has two parts. If you are like us and do not know much about the characters, you will still find that the stories are easy to follow along. We probably didn’t have the same connection to the characters, initially, as a person who has listened to many Adventures in Odyssey stories, but by the end of the Find a Penny Part 2 who had a good feel of the characters personalities and found ourselves cheering on the team.
The remaining four Christian stories weren’t related to the first story, but they all followed the same theme which was true friendship and reconciliation. Each of the stories focused on different aspect of friendship and the perceptions people have towards one another. I liked that it emphasized being true to one’s self, living a life of integrity, and understanding people can change.
Puzzles and a good story = memorable pastime

Puzzles and a good story = memorable pastime

I was a bit disappointed when we finished the two CDs. Listening to the story of the evening was a perfect companion while putting together puzzles with my girls. I highly recommend Up in the Air. You can enjoy a preview of the audio to see if it's a good fit for your family.