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Home School Reflections: Setting the Tone in Your Home

The past few weeks have been a little more difficult than previous weeks.  I spent an entire week plus a few additional days under the weather, and when I finally started feeling better I was hit with a very heavy spirit because of all the things that are happening around me (not in my home, but in the world).  When a not so great week happens, it can't help but to effect our learning environment in some shape or form whether placing us "behind" schedule or arousing too many emotions at once.  Although I still have work to do with setting the tone in our home, here are three ways I try to keep our home a peaceful environment.

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Home Schooling as a Black Family

This post isn't about what home education looks like for all families of color, but what it looks like for our family.  When we started home schooling,  I knew only one other home educator, and she is my cousin.  I learned in the early years of teaching my daughters that even people who come from the same family will have different reasons and goals for taking on the task of home schooling.

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