Painting Without the Mess with Kwik Stix {REVIEW}

Art and creative fun goes hand in hand with our learning environment. My daughters especially the youngest can't go too many days without making something whether it's a handicraft or an actual piece of art because of this I am always adding more supplies to our art stash. Kwik Stix by The Pencil Grip, Inc has been a wonderful addition to our stash because of its ease of use. The Kwik Stix 12 Pk includes 12 solid tempera paint sticks in classic primary and secondary colors along with pink, brown, and black. We also received a pencil grip in our review package.

Kwik Stix tempera paint is unique because it allows the artist to enjoy painting without the hassle of the mess.  I know messes can be fun for the artist, but sometimes this mama is not in the mood to clean up paint from the table, wash the many paintbrushes, and the palettes.  Kwik Stix solid tempera paint comes in a tube similar to a glue stick.  How cool is that?  I wish that I had known about this product when the girls were a little younger although they both have enjoyed using the Kwik Stix to create a variety of art projects.

Kwik Stix The Pencil Grip, Inc. Review

Because Kwik Stix is tempera paint it can be used on the same materials you would normally paint on such as paper, canvas, cardboard, and foam.  The one thing that we all appreciated was the fact the paint truly does dry in 90 seconds.  My youngest daughter takes such advertising seriously so she made it a point to verify that the paint really does dry in the amount of time which the company says it does.  This was a wonderful perk because I didn’t have to wait for a long time for a piece to dry which made it possible to store when we were finished with art.  With our other painting projects, I often would have to find a place to leave the work so that it could dry without getting wet paint everywhere. 

I also like the convenience of Kwik Stix. Our youngest daughter has a need to create, and like I said before I am not always thrilled about pulling out the paint and the brushes and the water. Kwik Stix definitely does allow for her to paint whenever she wants to because all she has to do is pull out the box of Kwik Stix and whatever she wants to paint on. It is a really simple and easy way to get art into your homeschool if you aren’t much of an arts and crafts type of person especially if the reason for not being an arts and crafts person is the mess. :)

Some of the projects the girls have enjoyed making with Kwik Stix include birthday cards and Mother's Day gifts.  I am so pleased with the pieces the girls have made using Kwik Stix. 

Kwik Stix The Pencil Grip, Inc. Review
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