Logic Games to Enjoy with Your Children

Logic games and puzzles have been a part of my winding down basket for a long time. There's something relaxing about trying to figure out a riddle or learn a new strategy.  Now that my daughters are older, I have found great joy in sharing some of my favorite mind games with them.

logic games for kids


We started our venture into logic games with Sudoku.  If you haven't played Sudoku, it is a numbers logic game.  The goal is use numbers 1 through 9 only once in each row, column, and box.  Sudoku can get trickier as the difficulty increases.  In order to help them to gain a love for the game, we use the kid's version of the puzzle.  A First Sudoku Book from Dover Publications gently teaches children the rules of Suduko by starting off with digits one through four and slowly building up to all nine digits.


Because I love numbers, and I want my daughters to have heart for them too, I couldn't help but give Kakuro a try.  It's not the same as Sudoku because it actually includes math computations.  In Kakuro, each row and column must equal the sum of the shaded square to left or above it. In the children's version we were limited to digits one through five.  The adult version goes up to the digit, nine.  It's a fun and challenging game.  I actually purchased an adult version because I enjoyed it so much.

My youngest daughter is a fan of Kakuro.

My youngest daughter is a fan of Kakuro.

Mind Twisters

You can't go wrong with good old fashioned mind twisters.  My youngest daughter enjoys sharing riddles with us.  I think she gets pleasure out of stumping us with a riddle.  Riddles often cause us to use logic and past knowledge to help us figure out the meaning behind the message. Mind twisters are a good way to allow your children to take the lead in the logic games.  

Logic games offers a different way to enjoy time with your children.  Not only is there the internal challenge, but there's also the challenge of stumping mom and dad.

Three fun logic activity books from Dover Publications!

Three fun logic activity books from Dover Publications!

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