Learning Fun with MyEduCrate (Review)

If your children are anything like my daughters then chances are they enjoy getting mail.  If they enjoy getting mail, I am sure they enjoy getting packages. The joy of a box in the mail especially for my daughters was one of the reasons I wanted to try out MyEduCrate.  The other reason was the educational factor.  It's one thing to get a package, but to get one filled with materials that will enhance learning is a win for me.
Learning fun with MyEduCrate

What is MyEduCrate?

MyEduCrate is a monthly subscription box for children.  Each month, MyEduCrate sends a different package with new activities, books, games, and crafts/experiments.   We received the "Into the Wild" crate. There are different subscription levels. Parents can choose to receive a box every month or order at their discretion. MyEduCrate is a perfect alternative to shopping for unique activities to do with your children. I was happy to receive all of the components in our box because all the things added variety to our homeschool and most components last longer than a month. 
working on the Rubik's snake from the MyEduCrate box

working on the Rubik's snake from the MyEduCrate box

What's Inside the MyEduCrate?

Each crate has a hands-on activity that goes with the theme of the crate.  For instance, in the "Into the Wild" crate there was an owl pellet dissection kit because the crate was all about animals.  There is also a game or activity book that can be used over and over again.  In the MyEduCrate we received, there was a Rubik's Snake.  Along with the hands-on activities and games, the educational subscription crate also includes a book or two.  In the animal themed "Into the Wild" crate, the book, National Geographic Investigates: Animals on Edge by Sandra Pobst was the selected title. There was also a dash of unexpected fun when we came across the "Rattlesnake Eggs".  My daughter's reaction was hilarious. I share more about it in the unboxing video.

Thoughts About MyEduCrate ...

MyEduCrate is a fun-filled, educational subscription box.  The activities have been enjoyable for both my daughters and myself.  My oldest daughter, 12, enjoyed the owl dissection.  My youngest daughter, 9,  enjoyed everything in this particular box.  She is more hands-on and likes logic activities which was a big part of the MyEduCrate that we received.  I enjoyed the Rubik's snake.  It has been a fun way for my youngest daughter and I to connect.  Some of the puzzles are a bit harder so we work together.

I like that MyEduCrate is geared towards older children.  Nothing in the box was too "babyish".  I know that some boxes my oldest will like more than others because of who she is, but I can still see her enjoying a bit of each box. It's a great experience for her to try out new things that she might not have considered before, and MyEduCrate makes trying out new things just a tad bit easier.

Have you heard of MyEduCrate?  Do you subscribe to educational subscription boxes for your children?