Three on Thursday: Home School Articles and Video

This Three on Thursday is dedicated to all things home education.  I ran across two great blog posts and a video that I truly enjoyed this week. 

  • No Idle Bread:  Stacie wrote a great piece about patience and homeschooling.  If you are one who thinks you can't teach your children at home because of your lack of patience, you should definitely read Stacie's latest piece.  She is offering encouragement and wisdom.
  • WellerMommaBlog:  I just found H. Weller's blog this week through a link-up.  March and April is usually the time when most home school teachers begin to start thinking ahead to next school year.  Her series about using a Bullet Journal as a home school planner may just be genius.  I am a simple planner myself, and I actually I have taken to writing bullet lists on our whiteboard to keep us on track for our daily lessons.  If you are trying to figure out a way to plan efficiently without a bunch of fluff this series may be just what you are looking for.
  • Gra8ful8:  If you watch YouTube videos or follow any home school families on YouTube, Gra8ful8 should definitely be on your list.  Erica has an infectious personality and definitely exudes joy in her ordinary life.  The video I watched this week was simply titled Chit Chatting.  She talked about a variety of things.  One thing I appreciate about Erica's channel is that she is always willing to share. 

Have you came across any amazing blog posts or videos this week in the home school community?  Please share in the comments.

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