Home School Reflections:  Which curriculum are we really using?

Home School Reflections: Which curriculum are we really using?

So, we are rounding the end of the first half of the fourth and sixth grades in our homeschool, and I feel the need to be honest with you all about which curriculum we are really using in our homeschool. 

Our real homeschool curriculum for fourth and sixth grades

If you have taught for any period time, you have more than likely experienced a curriculum shift as you go deeper into the school year.  You may find that some curriculum choices simply do not work well for your child or that the amount of time to complete the work isn't compatible with your homeschool schedule.  These are definitely some of the reasons why we have allowed some parts of our curriculum plan to go back on the shelf until a later time or some may never be used again.

Our Real Curriculum for 4th and 6th Grades

Some parts of our curriculum we do together.  Our group curriculum is as follows:

Uncle Sam and You-  It's an American Government program by Notgrass History.  We do most of the lessons together although the girls have done a few lessons without me.  We are attempting to try a new method for history since they are independent learners.

Apologia Astronomy- We are using the second edition of the Astronomy program.  We took a break from it as we got our schedule on track, but we are back to using it because both of my daughters enjoy the program.

Evan-Moor A Word a Day, Grade 5 - Vocabulary is a must in our home. Tthis program is pretty easy to fit into our daily schedule. We use fifth grade because both of my daughters can use it.

Fix-It Grammar Nose Book-  We use it as review and sometimes as an introduction to new grammar skills.  I like doing grammar with the girls because it helps them to be confident when they are working through grammar on their own.

Group Math-  This isn't a program.  We do math word problems together daily to help with application.  We use a variety of resources like Singapore Math Word Problems.

Grapevine Studies Biblical Feasts and Holy Days-  We use a variety of resources for Bible study, but we really enjoy the Grapevine Studies curriculum. 

Curriculum for 4th grade

A Reason for Handwriting Transition-  My daughter is currently working on the cursive portion of the transition book. 

BJUPress Math 4th grade-  We made the switch to BJUPress after I returned from the 2:1 Conference.  I was given this set because I won a giveaway.  This was really blessing because finding a math program has been a little tough for my 4th grader.  She's good at math, but still needs some fundamental skills before moving too far ahead. 

Good and Beautiful Grammar by Jenny Phillips-  We are continuing with this free grammar program because it is thorough and put together nicely.  I like the way it includes everything including spelling and reading.

Curriculum for 6th grade

Middlebury Elementary French-  It's all online which is great because I don't have any prior experience with French. 

BJUPress Math 6th grade-  I also received this set free because BJU gave the 6th grade teacher and student books to all the attendees who wanted a copy.  This was definitely a blessing because like I stated earlier math was our tough subject this year.  My daughter likes the length of the lessons from BJUPress better than previous programs we used. The program also is gentle yet challenging enough for her.

Spanish with Foreign Language for Kids

Spanish with Foreign Language for Kids

Good and Beautiful Grammar by Jenny Phillips-  This program is also fit for 6th grade.  We don't include the spelling as much for the sixth grader because she is a natural speller. 

I think this is pretty much it when it comes to what we are currently using in our homeschool.  We do use other resources for art, music, writing  and other electives, but the curriculum listed above  is our core curriculum.  We are working through all the listed subjects for completion by the end of the school year.

Homeschool Tip of the Week:

We haven't always used full curriculum, and as the girls have gotten older we use a lot more curriculum to help with their studies.  It has taken me awhile to find the right fit for our homeschool and adjusting our schedule to fit the demand.  If your homeschool needs a revamp, don't feel bad about not using all of the pages of a particular part of your curriculum choices.  One perk of homeschooling is that you are able to make changes as needed.  Always keep in mind the children that you are teaching so that your materials and schedule reflect the needs of your children and not the ideal.

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Learning about the Holidays

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