Five Must Have Educational Games

Games are a big part of our home school.  We use educational games to build basic skills such as multiplication and writing.  We use them to help us bond because laughing over a good game is great soul and makes a bond that lasts forever. 

5 games that keep learning fun

Five Educational Games to Enjoy with Your Children

  1. Appletters is a word game.  We often play the snake version of Appletters because it is less confusing for my younger speller.  You can tell when the game is nearing the end because the creativity of spelling takes over.  The first person to get rid of all their tiles is the winner at least that's how we play.  Appletters is a fun game for children who have some spelling knowledge.  I would recommend it for first grade and above. When we first started playing it a few years ago,  I helped my daughters just a bit so they wouldn't get discouraged.
  2. Logic Links Puzzle Box is great tool for building thinking skills.  This game can be played alone or several people can solve the clues together.  We each have our set of chips or cubes, and we check to see who was able to solve the puzzle correctly.  Each puzzle in Logic Links is a series of clues that require solver to put the chips in the correct order by comprehending exactly what is being asked.  I like that LogicLinks helps younger children better understand directions, location,  and prepositional phrases.
  3. Scripture Memory Game is one of our favorites.  We make it a race to see who can fill in the blank of the Scripture first.  This game provides an opportunity to practice Scripture while keeping it fun and engaging.  There are two levels of questions on each card: basic and advanced.
  4. ThinkFun Math Dice Jr. was one of the favorites of my tutoring students.  Math Dice is a mental math game.  Each round starts with a target number which is selected by rolling the target dice.  The three scoring dice are then used to create an equation to get to the target number or as close to it as possible.  This game can be challenging for all math levels.
  5. Tapple is a quick word game that can become hilarious depending on the topic.  Each round of Tapple focuses on one category, and each player must say a word that is related to or falls under the category.  The catch is that each word shared must begin with a different letter. No two players can share a word that starts with the same letter, and if you can't think of word that begins with a letter that hasn't been played then you are out of the game. The winner is always the last one standing at the end of the round.  
Appletters, Tapple, Logic Links, Scripture Memory Game

What are some of your favorite educational games?  Have you played any of the games listed?