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Building Speech Confidence and Improving Pronunciation with Forbrain (REVIEW)

Our purpose for using the Forbrain headset was to help the youngest boost her reading aloud confidence, fluency, and pronunciation.  She often loses track of what she is reading which affects her pacing.  Forbrain doesn’t necessarily help with tracking, but it does help with being more focused which I noticed when we read the daily history lessons.  She would be become more intentional when wearing the headset which helped with her overall reading skills. My youngest daughter does a great job with decoding, and she comprehends everything she reads.  I think this is pretty amazing since she has always showed some similar signs of dyslexia.  She continues to reverse and see things differently, but if I hadn’t been with her all along and was simply an onlooker those similarities would not jump out to me as a red flag because she has strong skills in other literacy areas.