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Our Choice for Math- CTCMath (Review)

CTC Math has a clear scope and sequence of the mathematics concepts taught in each grade level.  My oldest daughter who is using grade 6 appreciates the video instruction that is provided while my youngest daughter who is using grade 4 appreciates the fact that she doesn’t have to write as much along with having shorter lessons than traditional math texts.  I appreciate the fact that I will less likely get behind in grading since CTC keeps track of the girls’ progress for me.  I am able to use this information to pull out the mathematical concepts which need further development if they do not do well on a particular topic.  This will also help them from becoming frustrated from repeatedly doing multiple problems of skills that they are able to confidently solve or have mastered.

Learning Math with LearnBop

With the onset of warm weather, it never fails for our learning resources to change with the season.  This is particularly true when it comes to mathematics.  This time around we are using LearnBop.  The LearnBop for Families program allows access for both of my daughters with the Family Plan.