Prayers and Answered Prayers REVIEW

I am a big fan of writing out prayers.  Each week in my planner you can find a prayer or two, and a list of things I am grateful.  I began this practice of writing my prayers as an adult.  I used to write them on any slip of paper I could find, and I was often thrilled when I ran across such a slip to see a prayer that had been answered.

This feeling I wanted to share with my daughters which is why at an early age we incorporated journaling into our daily routine.  This practice has always had an ebb and flow since they are growing into their own faith, but still it is something that I encourage them to do regularly.

Prayers and Answered Prayers is a neat little notebook that makes it easy for the girls to take time to write out any prayers.  The book encourages the writer to not be hesitant in sharing her heart with God because He desires to hear from her. 
Prayers and Answered Prayers Book

The journal is divided into two books.  The top book focuses on the prayers with prompts that encourages the writer to share like, "Are you confused by anything at the moment?  Tell God and write about it here."  There are also prompts which focuses on simply allowing the writer to share more about herself such as phrases or words she often uses and three countries she would like to visit.  The bottom book highlights the answered prayers, and the pages correlate with the pages of the prayer book.  For instance the answered prayers prompt for the confused question highlights that God has given the writer people she can go to during times of confusion such as parent or youth leader which reminds her that she isn't alone. 

A peek inside Prayers and Prayers Answered book

A peek inside Prayers and Prayers Answered book

Prayers and Prayers Answered is nice journaling tool for girls ages eight and above to start the habit of sharing their thoughts through writing.  It is perfect for those who don't like writing a whole lot and those who do enjoy writing.

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