Tips for Getting It All Done Without Going Insane

It is often perceived that mothers are able to get every single thing done on our little checklists.  Well, I will tell you I often do get most things on my checklist done simply because I don't put a lot on it.  I give myself permission to not get it all done before I create my daily goals.

Being realistic when planning your day will often allow you to exceed your expectations.

Each day I start with prayer followed by prioritizing.  On any given day my checklist may have a maximum of five things on it. If I am lucky, I am able to squeeze in something extra like this blog post.

Four Simple Tips for Getting It All Done:

1.  Allow yourself to rise with peace.  What does this mean?  Don't overwhelm yourself before your feet hit the floor.  Take a moment to clear your head using whatever methods work best for you.  I tend to wake and pray followed by looking out the window especially if it is a beautiful morning.

2. Don't neglect yourself.  I have found if I start the day off with neglecting myself then it is usually more likely for me to become irritated.  I take care of myself first.  I take a 15-20 minute walk which includes prayer. I shower. I eat.  The order in which I do these things are not always the same, but every morning I make sure I tend to my needs.

3.  Create a list of goals for the day.  I write my goals down in my planner. When I originally wrote this post,  I kept a list in my head which worked when I only did five or so things. It is easy to remember five or so goals versus 15-20.

 Remember it doesn't all have to be done today!

For instance, my goals for today are teaching the girls, doing something fun with them, wash and fold two loads of laundry, cook dinner, and go to to work. That's it.  Chances are I will have time to do more, but the something more will be a bonus.

4.  Enlist your family to help.  The girls are helpful.  They help with folding, picking up after themselves, and fixing their own lunch if needed.  Teaching children that they are part of the team and all members have to help for the team to be successful is a valuable skill.

Part of the reason that I have loosened the reigns and given myself more freedom is the fact that I do not want my girls to remember me as always being tired or frustrated.  I also realized that there are other things outside my home I would like to pursue, but in pursuing those things I know that I can't fully neglect my home and family.

Every family's dynamic is different be mindful of your family's needs when establishing ways to set and meet your goals.  We are in a season  where our children are a little more independent, my husband is more helpful, and my additional work doesn't cause me stress.

How do you get it all done?