Three Simple Ways to Embrace the Power of Flexibility

One thing I have learned about life is that it is fluid.  It continues to move even when I want it to just chill for a moment.  This constant motion oftentimes include changes and adaptations.  I haven't always been good with changes.  I wanted consistency which often made me rigid.  Rigidness is just as bad as a lack of consistency since it tends to hold you hostage.  Thankfully, I didn't remain rigid and have since found flexibility.  Flexibility is the happy place between  having a schedule and accepting unforeseen changes. 

Flexibility has allowed me to create a learning environment which benefits my daughters. 

Flexibility has allowed me to grow as a writer. 

Flexibility has allowed me to take breaks as needed whether from household responsibilities or business related ones.

Flexibility has taught me how to appreciate the ordinary moments because any one of them can be joy-filled if I let it.

I understand being flexible isn't always easy.  At one point, I felt like I was too flexible.  During this time, nothing was ever consistent, and I felt the inconsistency hindered me from doing best. As I look back,  I am sure that I didn't lose much during this time because I was able to learn a valuable lesson: eing fluid is gift.

Take Ahold of Your Time with These 3 Tips

Make it Plain

Although I am a flexible person, I make my goals plain.  I don't over do it because if I do I can easily become anxious.  One tool that helps me is simply stating the tasks I desire or need to do.

If you make your goals plain, chances are you will exceed them.  I can say this confidently because most if not all the simple goals I've created for myself have grown into something more than I ever expected, and it wasn't because I wrote out a big goal which was hard to accomplish.  The simple goal itself can become fluid and guide you to do more than you ever expected.  This is where the power of flexibility seeps in.  It's in the moments when you start moving towards your goals that you will often see new ways that you couldn't have imagined begin to present themselves. This is when you will decide should you stick to your original plan or try something new.

Seek Joy

When things aren't working out as planned, find a way to seek joy in the circumstances.  When you embrace flexibility, you also embrace the fact things might not work out.  Like I said, flexibility is in the middle of the "tried and true" and trying out something new.

My daughters recently baked brownies by themselves. They used a cookbook as they baked alone.  As you know, recipes from cookbooks can have common ingredients or some special ingredients.  The girls had to improvise on their first batch because of the lack of ingredients in our pantry.  They could have decided to quit because our ingredients didn't match the recipes, but instead they were flexible. They used the ingredients we had. 

The brownies didn't turn out "photo on a box worthy", but instead of them getting down about their first try they were excited about the act of baking by themselves.  They even came away with ideas to make the next batch better. The brownies actually did taste good. 

Enjoy the Ride

Even when you make it plain, things may not happen the way you want.  When this is the case, it doesn't mean that something is wrong.  I often find myself enjoying the scenic route when trying new things because during the long ride I am able to learn something new.  For me, life is all about learning and growing into who He wants me to be. 

The brownies I mentioned earlier weren't on our list of plans for the day, but instead they were spontaneous.  I could have chose to say, "No, girls, we have to finish our school work.", but instead I chose to enjoy the ride and allow them to try their hands at something they desired to do. 

Rigidness doesn't often allow room to enjoy the spur of the moment plans.

Being flexible is a gift of freedom, and if used correctly it can lead to a joyous life. I hope you find a moment to ride the waves of life, and see all that He has to offer to you.

Are you flexible?  Spark a discussion.  Share your tips for enjoying all that life has to offer, the good and the bad.