Authentic Moms Connect

Community is a big deal to me which is why I’m making a commitment to connect with other homeschooling moms in my community.

Why homeschool moms? Each month I receive messages from fellow homeschooling moms seeking relationships with other moms who have chosen to educate at home. With such regular requests, I figured why not offer an opportunity for us to get together to learn, grow, and connect. 

Lunch & Plan Details:

  • Presentation about methods of planning and inspiration to spark joy for the upcoming or current school year

  • Dedicated time to make plans for your upcoming homeschool year

  • Home educating mothers will have the opportunity to connect with one another.

  • A three course lunch will be served.

  • Goody bags are a part of the deal. :) 

  • This event is for moms only. Please no dads or children.

  • Get your ticket because space is limited.  


Time Management Workshop Details:

  • Presentation of techniques to help homeschool moms find space in their daily lives to do what they need to do to enjoy their passions while keeping homeschooling at the forefront

  • Opportunity to put skills into practice

  • Resources to help you continue the process at home

  • Light refreshments will be serve.

  • This event is for moms only.

Upcoming Authentic Moms Connect Meetups & Workshops

Each quarter, homeschool moms in the Nashville area will have the opportunity to connect with other homeschooling moms in an inviting environment.

  • Lunch & Connect | April 27, 2019 - Saltine Restaurant

    • This event will focus on community building and caring for self as a homeschooling mom.

  • Lunch & Plan | August 17, 2019 - Amerigo Italian Restaurant

    • This event will take place just in time for back to school in the fall. If you need support for creating a plan for your homeschool or if you simply need hear you’re on the right track, this event is just for you.

  • Lunch & Refresh | November 2019

    • This event will serve as a mini-retreat. It’s usually around this time we become a bit tired from the hustle and bustle of fall activities.

Know a Homeschooling mom in the Nashville area who needs a tribe?

Send her our way.