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The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts Curriculum Wasn't a Good Fit, Now What?

A few years ago, we tried out Jenny Phillip’s Good and Beautiful language arts curriculum. I was thrilled to give it a try, and I even came up with a way to keep it organized since I used the downloaded version. I was disappointed that it wasn’t going fit for our family. I thought the all-in-one curriculum would help us reach our language arts goals, but my daughters didn’t find it enjoyable and honestly, it was just too much for me to adjust to make it enjoyable for them.

Tips for Setting Up The Organized Homeschool Planner

I haven't always been a fan of homeschool planners because often times they are too bulky. They tend to have too many forms that I don't need which means too many pages to flip through to get to what I am looking for, but after trial and error with several I have found one that fits this paper planning homeschool mom's criteria-The Organized Homeschool Planner