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Creating a Google Classroom for Homeschool

Using technology in our homeschool has become something I’m more intentional about since my daughters are now in middle and high school. I took several online classes during my college years, and it seems online learning will continue to be an option for learning for years to come. A few years ago, we began using Google classroom to help me to stay organized and to help them continue on the path of independent learning.

Enriching Our Homeschool with Co-op Classes

Homeschool co-ops or tutorials can provide a needed change of pace for many homeschooling families. These community learning opportunities can provide the primary educator a break in the day to run errands or simply breathe while they can also provide the child the opportunity to use the skills they’ve learned so far in life in a less familiar environment.

The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts Curriculum Wasn't a Good Fit, Now What?

A few years ago, we tried out Jenny Phillip’s Good and Beautiful language arts curriculum. I was thrilled to give it a try, and I even came up with a way to keep it organized since I used the downloaded version. I was disappointed that it wasn’t going fit for our family. I thought the all-in-one curriculum would help us reach our language arts goals, but my daughters didn’t find it enjoyable and honestly, it was just too much for me to adjust to make it enjoyable for them.