What's On My Summer Reading List? And a Few Books I Think You Should Read

Each summer we have been blessed to live in a community where the library hosts a summer reading program which includes the adult reader.  Last year I didn't participate in the summer reading program because it was just too much for my brain to handle after our move. 

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I am thankful that we are now settled, and I have found myself being able to enjoy a good book here and there.  So far I have read about five booksI guess that averages out to one book each month.  I am speaking about books I have read for my pure enjoyment, and not ones that I am reading or listening to with the girls.  It's so easy for my all of my reading to be stories that I am sharing with my daughters which is fine because we often get lost in some really good books, but I find it important for me to escape into one of my favorite past times without company every now and then. 

Our summer reading program runs for six weeks so my goal is to read one book each week.  Although I am known to finish a book in a day or two, I am not placing that kind of pressure on myself.  I want to be able to fully absorb and enjoy the books I am choosing to read this summer. Before I share my list,  I must admit I am a young adult book reader; I have found the authors of this genre do a beautiful job sharing the stories of their characters. Half of the books on my summer reading list will be from the YA section.

Six Books I Am Reading This Summer

The Healing
Silver Sparrow
Looking for Red
Stella by Starlight

Are you planning to escape into a few stories?  If so, I have a few recommendations.

A Certain October
Life Is Short But Wide
Seen It All and Done the Rest
Out of My Mind

Reading is one of my favorite past times.  I think being able to enjoy books is such a great gift.  I hope that you are able to find the time this summer to curl up with a good book or two. 

Please share your book recommendations in the comments.  Who knows I just might be able to read more than six books this summer. :)